Put that camera down!

We want to make sure that parents who are not able to make a daytime concert still have the opportunity to see their child perform. We also want to allow parents to just enjoy the performance without hiding behind a cellphone camera. :)
The PTO has decided to hire a videographer and make DVDs available of our school music programs.
We will have forms available next week in hard copy and also online. This is not a fundraiser. We are selling these at cost as a service to our families.
We are testing this idea with the 3-4-5 Grade Patriotic Concert at the LPAC on April 24, 2015. If all goes well, we will do all concerts scheduled at the LPAC. At this time we are not sure if we will be able to accommodate the Kindergarten program due to sound issues at our school.
We hope you find this to be a benefit to our families.
If you have any questions, give us a shout!

Elementary School | The Sequel

It never occurred to me that when my kids started school and headed down the homework trail that 1) I would have a kindergartner doing math facts, reading, and writing sentences (that’s how much has changed since D was in kindergarten) but that 2. everything as I know it would be entirely different.

I am literally relearning everything I thought I learned in elementary because I no longer add correctly, my division is sketchy at best with these new methods and it is like I have never seen a fraction in my life. And the testing. My heavens the testing. I’m so glad I went to school in the “old days because based on how D has to do things, I have no idea how I graduated high school (with honors, no less).

D gets frustrated with me because I don’t do it right but then when I get the same answer he is amazed. I apparently appear smarter when I can work voodoo old-school style.

And I have to do it my way first and then stumble through his way to make sure I still wind up with the same answer.

The good news? You can teach an old dog new tricks.

The bad news? This dog doesn’t want to learn new tricks.

I suppose it proves to D that if we both work hard, we will eventually figure it out.

What’s that word again? Oh yeah, perseverance. We are definitely building a spirit of that up in here.


Life with boys…

Not going to lie. When this whole mom thing came into being, I sure hoped that tucked somewhere in my children would be the cuteness of a girl.

That was not to be and that was a VERY good thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Barbie’s and dresses and frills and tea parties but what I got instead was this incredibly hilarious world of trucks and wrestling and contact sport hugs.

I love it. Honestly. I cannot imagine being a mom to girls. I love this rough and tumble life where “girl-drama” that can go on forever is replaced with “tackle drama” and the situation it’s done.

I love their outlook on life. I love that I am raising young men. I love that someday I will have daughters (-in-law) who I hope will love me as I will love them (I’m already praying for them).

They have a crazy sense of humor, they are physical in ways that make me want need to get up and move or fear the consequences.

As I sit here working I can hear them playing downstairs. It is an epic battle. It is loud. I’m afraid to go downstairs for fear of what I will find. But Good always prevails assuming someone doesn’t get sat on first which then leads to the physical retribution.

It’s good to be queen in a house of boys. I’m so thankful that God knew that even when I didn’t.


From out of the shadows…

It has been a very long time since I have blogged about life in these here hills. I have a lot of amazing stories trapped in my head and they will soon be making their way back to this blog. They will be post dated so they fit in proper order but they are memories I want to capture for D & W so I am rededicating myself to this blog so that someday they will know what this world looked like through my eyes.

I’ve mentioned before but my grandpa was a blogger long before it was a thing. He owned a newspaper and his columns were regularly filled with snippets of life with me and my brother and our escapades both in Iowa and what he gleaned from phone calls on happenings back in Michigan. I still love to go through those clippings and of the few volumes of this blog that I have published for David (before W arrived), he has told me they are some of his most treasured books.

So stories of W starting kindergarten and D with his dream to be en electrical engineer and the general craziness that comes with raises two very head strong boys is headed your way.

You’ve been warned…


The start of all things new…

W started kindergarten today. KINDERGARTEN!

I can’t even.

And it was a unique morning for so many reasons. I had a big event at the school that morning but didn’t want to miss him get on the bus and start something new and exciting. He has been waiting for that precious bus ride since he was born.

He is is brother’s shadow. So. Very. Much.

He had “ordered” breakfast last night, his clothes were laid out, the special plates were already set and waiting.

That child bounded down before the alarm went off and exclaimed “I’M GOING TO SCHOOL TODAY!!! GET UP!!”


After the request for product in his hair (not even joking) and donning his outfit and brushing his teeth, he whipped on that backpack and was ready to head out the door….and whopping 30 minutes early.

Talk about time standing still.

We finally went down because he just couldn’t stand it anymore and that way I could snap all kinds of pictures of my baby….

Not such a baby anymore. He is a boy ready to be on his own. And who would have thought that 2.5 years ago when he was struggling socially because his speech was so incredibly delayed.


But off he went and I’ve never been more proud of either one of my kids. They are learning to leave the nest which is both exhilarating and depressing.

When I got to school I was so wrapped up in the event, I missed him getting off the bus. I heard this booming voice shout at me “I’m here, Mama!” and he trucked into school like a champ.

It makes it a little easier when your kids are happy about the next adventure. It also is conflicting as a parent. I know this is the right thing. I know that my job is a constant state of letting go but…

Already I am missing the cuddles of those babies; when life was simpler and they sat still long enough for me to really love on them.

But it is the start of all things new and his excitement is contagious.


When you think you will meet Jesus…

I don’t know about you but I wonder about strange things. You know, things like how do you really know when you need to call an ambulance or how do you know when you need to go to the ER.

How do you really know so that you don’t come off looking crazy if all you have is a “virus.”

I hate the virus. Nothing makes you feel like more of an idiot for going to the doctor and spending bazillions of dollars than to be told “it’s just a virus. You need to wait it out.”

But last week something was definitely off. I woke up at 3:30 a.m. feeling like I was going to crawl out of my skin and by the time the kids were up, I was panicked to the point of calling my neighbor and telling her I needed to go to the ER.

God bless that woman. Seriously. She dropped everything and came and sat with me until her parents arrived. They took me to the ER while Krista took the kids and made sure they were cared for.

The entire drive there felt like an eternity but I was fairly sure I didn’t need an ambulanc. I knew I needed the ER, though. I prayed for my poor kids who were completely flipped upside down.

It’s been a rough year for them because it has been a very rough year for me. I had scads of time to review it all because time slowed down to a crawl in that drive.

I’ve been sick for a long time and no one has been able to figure out why. Symptom after symptom, blood draw after blood draw, treated with this medicine and that medicine; all making it tolerable but never truly fixing it. The snow days that cancelled doctor appointments, the snow days where I was feeling so awful it was all I could do to get up and play with them, the two hour delays I prayed for when I knew yet another doctor appointment was going to have to be changed.

Something was wrong and no one knew what it was.

And now I’m on my way to the hospital and in addition to the year of symptoms I have been experiencing my throat was swelling and I was having a hard time breathing.

In that long drive to the ER I had decided this was it. This year of not knowing was going to crash into the knowing, and might land at meeting Jesus face to face.

These are the things I think about – and I was alone. Surrounded in prayer but physically alone in that hospital because of circumstances beyond my control. Bob was trying to leave Detroit, my parents and brother were on the phone with me as they live out of town, friends were texting me but the physical alone-ness was starting to cause more panic.

And then it happened.

God orchestrated the answer I have been longing for and it came in the most unexpected of ways.

In the ER. With the triage nurse. In less than 30 seconds.

“Sweetheart you are having a severe allergic reaction to Lisinopril. It’s going to be OK.”

Time stopped. I kid you not. What?? How could this be?? I’ve been taking this med for years to keep my blood pressure in check. But when the dose went up a year ago, my body was apparently trying to tell me no.

For a year my body has been fighting a severe allergy and no one knew it. All of the steroids and meds I have been given just prolonged the inevitable. When that safety net was gone, my body said no more.

I’m off everything now and while I’m exhausted beyond anything that you can imagine, I finally feel good. My head is clear, I’m breathing well, and it appears that I am finally on the mend.

Is this a story that the whole world needs to know? Probably not. But maybe there is a tiny lesson for everyone about being their own advocate; about fighting through the red tape. No one knows you better than you. Don’t ever second guess yourself and assume you are crazy — like I had finally decided I was.

I’ve never been one to read every single side effect a drug can have because I have a vivid imagination and I don’t want to plant crazy in a space where plenty of crazy already lives. I had started to believe it was in my head because the doctors kept telling me I was fine. I hesitate, even now, sharing this story because in hindsight this seems so obvious — but my doctors missed it.

I thought I was going to meet Jesus that day. And I did. In amazing ways…just not face to face. And while I long for seeing Jesus, I am glad he isn’t ready for me quite yet.



Theology 101

So Thing 1 and Thing 2 love their Rhyme Bible and have most of the stories memorized (Jonah and the Whale being the all-time favorite). Recently, though, the focus has switched for Thing 2 and he is obsessed with the story of Adam and Eve.

He talks about it all. the. time.

I’m not going to lie and admit to you that I have contemplated hiding his little Bible so I can get a break from the incessant questions.

Tell me about this snake. Was it scary? Why is the Devil a snake? Where is this garden? I want to see that apple. If Adam and Eve were told not to eat the apple, how come they did it? They should get a time out. That is so naughty. I wouldn’t be naughty if they weren’t naughty. It’s not my fault I’m naughty. They made me that way.

I kid you not. My just turned 5 year old has reasoned that his naughtiness isn’t his fault because they started it. He will be in politics or a lawyer with that kind of loophole logic.

But I digress…

And the more he asks, the more complicated the questions become. The more complicated the questions become, the more I stutter. The more I stutter the more he asks.

Pretty soon I’m just sitting there staring at him while he continues the onslaught of questions and answering them himself and saying “isn’t that right, Mommy?”

When I finally reign in the conversation and tell him that some of those questions don’t matter, he squints at me. I continue that Jesus knows everything and the rest is about faith.

His response?

“Just ask Jesus for me when you die and let me know.”